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Volunteer Holiday in Africa

Uganda Childcare

A Conversation with Moses

Uganda Childcare

Childcare Sponsorship

Uganda Childcare

Keith Stensaas Family

Furlough Video Presentation

Full Time Missionaries, Uganda

Ajabu Tours

Uganda Safari Operator

East Africa

These examples of actual MissionsFocus.com videos were Produced, Directed, Shot, Voiced, and Edited by Dan Woldt, as a service to the 
full time Missionaries featured.  


After investing several weeks of my life partnering with their ministries, I consider them very dear friends, and will be happy to put you in touch if you’d like to hear a glowing report directly from these modern day disciples of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Ajabu Tours scenes with Joyce were shot with my Nikon D7000.  Other footage utilized either a GoPro 4 Silver or Canon HV-40.

I edit with Apple’s Final Cut Pro on a MacBook Pro laptop computer.

Yes, I also did the copywriting, and recorded the “Voice over” work with  
an Audio Technica 4033 Mic back at the house.

God has blessed me with 37 years of broadcast experience.  It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to be in a position to offer it to you for the purpose of helping you promote the work you have dedicated your life to.  

My availability to travel abroad for missions projects is generally from mid June through the end of August.  All I require is that my expenses be met by the missions organization, sponsoring church or major donor.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope to have the honor of serving you with the same passion for excellence your fellow servants have come to value so much.

Thank you!

many blessings,
Dan & Danielle Woldt 
12650 DeValcourt Road, Norwood, LA 70761
(225) 522-4185